Wholesale Hats

As a wholesaler, you can find more styles as wholesale products in our lookbook shown on this website for your choice.

Please email us to  you have any requirements as follows: support@mossant.com. Need the full version lookbook to choose the product. Tell us the style with the style number and the quantity as below.

Mossant look forward to establishing strategic partnership, long-term cooperation and win-win development with excellent dealers with financial strength, industry and operation management experience, sincerely welcome and look forward to your joining!

Support For Dealers

Wholesale Price

As a trusted hat manufacturer, we offer you affordable wholesale price for your business.


For low risk buying. There is no minimum order quantity limit for each style of each color.

3-5 Days Shipping

Shipping from CA, USA. Shipping time will be 3-5 days for US orders.

Customized Design

Customized design and development of products can be carried out according to the requirements of dealers, and exclusive sales rights are given.

Policy Protection

According to the distributor's sales ability, give regional, national, and regional graded distribution authorization, and provide strict sales policy protection.


Provide support for products, styles, publicity and price discounts for various sales thematic activities organized by dealers.

Featured Products

Who We Are - Mossant Paris

The story of Mossant begins in a small town called Bourg-de-Péage.The appearance of the Mossant brand of hats founded by Monsieur Casimir Mossant in 1833 made the hat industry truly prosperous at that time. In 1860, Mossant moved to a newly purchased piece of land on Boulevard Barbières.

Who We Are - Mossant Paris

Brand Advantage

1. Mossant has a long history, has a high market recognition and reputation, and users have a strong sense of brand identity.

2. Possess strong design and development capabilities, complete brand product categories, and annual style development up to 800-1000 types.

3. The brand has a complete industrial chain support, a strong competitive advantage and profitability, and a sound sales support strategy.

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Please email to: support@mossant.com;

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